I suggest making figures in powerpoint, and then copy pasting to Paint.Net from windows. You can go to Image -> Resize -> and change resolution. The program is only $6.99 and totally worth the money.


To help you with the process, we’ve put together a handy guide demonstrating how to cite a PowerPoint presentation in three commonly used citation styles: MLA, APA and Chicago. Let’s start by looking for basic information you’ll need for the citation. Information you may need to cite a PowerPoint Presentation:

Title of presentation [PowerPoint presentation]. Conference Name, Location. URL. Example reference: Park, L. (2011). Effective working teams [PowerPoint 2017-12-12 The bibliographic entry of a PowerPoint presentation in APA 7 should contain the speaker’s name, year of publication, the title, and URL. Basically, one may find published PowerPoint presentations from websites.

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https://www.company.meetings/teams Begin each citation with “Figure” and the number of the figure in italics. Next, include a brief explanation of what the figure refers to, such as “Graph of statistics on household income in 2010.”. Then, write “Reprinted from,” followed by the source and page number where you found the figure. Therefore, the citation for the source of the image is included as a footnote in the figure caption underneath the photograph which includes the figure number and a description. The source of the image obtained is attributed using the following model: Figure 1. Blah blah blah.

23 Jan 2018 Using citations is very useful, especially in PowerPoint. Presentation slides often contain less text than a Word document, so it is hard to include 

All figures and images that are not of your own creation must be cited in your Powerpoint presentation. To cite figures and images, you should include the author's last name or the copyright holder -- which is often an entity -- and the date of publication directly under the figure or image in parenthesis. 1. How to cite a PowerPoint presentation in another document.

A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two intersectional lines usually The best way to make sure that you have the Islamic Powerpoint templates intact … DPP/logo; DPP; Flag/core; KMT; KMT/logo; Citation/CS1/Configuration; 

Citation Management for Eller Ph.D. Students PowerPoint PPT Presentation. PowerPoint PPT Presentation Figure 4. The partial effect of previous citation rate (pRCR) on article RCR (confidence level at 95 percent (bootstrapped std. err. av P Satir · 2005 · Citerat av 9 — [Editor's note: References are presented here in the style originally published in image.

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2020-11-06 · To reference a PowerPoint presentation in APA Style, include the name of the author (whoever presented the PowerPoint), the date it was presented, the title (italicized), “PowerPoint slides” in square brackets, the name of the department and university, and the URL where the PowerPoint can be found. Remember to attribute all quotes and paraphrases to their sources. (Note: Clip Art illustrations do not require citations.) Follow these special guidelines 1.
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av K Aijmer · 2020 · Citerat av 3 — Download figure as PowerPoint slide Citation: Contrastive Pragmatics 1, 1 (2020) ; 10.1163/26660393-12340004. The patterns are 

Next, include a brief explanation of what the figure refers to, such as “Graph of statistics on household income in 2010.” Refer to them as Table 1, Figure 3, etc., but include an in-text citation after you mention them to acknowledge the source. In-text citation example The results in Table 1 (Ajzen, 1991, p. 179) show that … If you want to include a slide or information gained from another PowerPoint presentation that has been published, you can use an in-text citation just as if you were citing a book.